The Ontario Water Works Association, Ontario Municipal Water Association, and the Ontario Water Works Equipment Association are delighted to invite you to London and the 2014 Joint Annual Conference & Trade Show. The Conference continues to be the premier drinking water event in Ontario, consistently attracting over 900 delegates from all areas of our industry: operators and owners, manufacturers and suppliers, consultants, academics and regulators. The Trade Show has more than 100 exhibitors representing the manufacturers and suppliers of products and services for the water industry. This is a great opportunity to network, and keeps informed about technical, regulatory, and equipment developments which affect the water industry.

Reasons To Attend

  • A special session on Tuesday morning providing a specific and dedicated opportunity for the various ministries of the Government of Ontario to provide presentations on their programs related to the municipal drinking water sector in Ontario
  • Back by popular demand, our Town Hall Forum this year is hosted again by Mark Kelley, a leading CBC journalist. This Forum offers a stimulating debate on Ontario’s most demanding and controversial issues affecting water industry. This year, our topic will be based on the storage of nuclear waste. Leading experts will examine this topic and debate about the pros and cons of this practice and its impact on our water.
  • Over 80 technical presentations on all aspects of our industry including source water protection, advanced treatment technologies, emerging contaminants and a special workshop on the use of social media in the water industry
  • As always, the ever popular Casino Night, welcomes you to a Hockey Night in London where you can network, relax and enjoy a great night of entertainment and of course an air hockey table. Please remember to come dressed for the occasion – there will be a prize for the best outfit!!
  • The Young Professionals have planned a number of activities including Water Cup Challenge, Fresh Ideas Program, YP Reception, etc. The Conference also features other exciting events such as Meter Madness that takes place on the Trade Show floor on Monday before lunch and the Water Taste Contest.
  • Visit the Trade Show on the 2nd floor of the London Convention Centre. This is a great opportunity to meet all of the exhibitors and see what is new for 2014.


Future Conference Dates and Locations

2014    London, May 4 – 7
2015    Toronto, April 26 – 29
2016    Windsor, May 1 – 4
2017    Niagara Falls, May 8 – 11

Past Conference Locations

2013   Ottawa, May 5 – 8
2012   Niagara Falls, May 6 – 9
2011   Blue Mountain, May 1-4
2010   Windsor, May 2-5
2009   Toronto, May 3-6
2008   London, April 27-30
2007   Blue Mountain, May 6-9
2006   Toronto, April 30- May 3
2005   Ottawa, May 8-11
2004   Niagara Falls, May 9-12
2003   Hamilton, May 4-7
2002   London, May 5-8

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