Just released: Showcasing Water Innovation Funding Program – Final Report

The Showcasing Water Innovation Final Report is now complete and available for review. A great deal of time, effort and dedication by various members of the water sector has helped to make the Showcasing Water Innovation Program a success.  Those involved are proud of what has been accomplished and are very appreciative of the support and expertise that many groups have kindly shared along the way, including many municipalities and partners associated with the Ontario Municipal Water Association.

Showcasing Water Innovation (SWI) was a catalyst, enabling communities to pioneer cost effective and innovative approaches to sustainable water management solutions. The projects helped communities protect and improve their water resources, optimize existing infrastructure, defer capital investments, stabilize operating costs, prioritize water investments, conserve water and lower energy use and carbon emissions.

The progress made by the SWI communities is strong evidence that new approaches to sustainable water management are possible.  We have seen first-hand that Ontario communities are prepared to lead and are motivated to work with others in the water sector to find cost effective and innovative water management solutions that are sustainable for today and future generations.

The final report shares what the community’s did, the results and lessons learned along the way.  By sharing the projects, we hope these pioneering communities will inspire others.

Following is the link to the report:

Showing Water Innovation Final Report

Highlights of the Showcasing Water Innovation Program :

  • 32 pioneering communities supported
  • Leveraged over $35 million, from $17 million
  • 263 partnerships formed
  • 44 pilot tests undertaken
  • 32 new technologies piloted
  • 16 University/College partners
  • 7 First Nation partners

Attached for your further interest are:

  1. Quotes from communities & participants sharing their thoughts on the SWI program
  2. Map of SWI projects

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