Nominate a MAC Professional for John Lechner Award of Excellence

Nominate a MAC Professional for John Lechner Award of Excellence
Action Required/Requested: Nominate
Additional Interested/Affected Section Positions:  Leadership Volunteers, Manufacturers
Associates Council Chairs & Section Staff

Respond To:  Email Nominations to David LaFrance, AWWA Chief Executive Officer
Respond By: December 15, 2015

Several years ago, the AWWA Manufacturers Associates Council created the John Lechner Award of Excellence.  John Lechner lobbied for service provider representation within the AWWA and was the first council chair.  He exemplified and set a standard of commitment to the water industry that we can all attempt to live up to.   For that reason, the MAC challenged each section to create their own Section level award, honoring those service providers that contribute year in and year out to the Section.  The Sections would then take their winner and nominate them for the JLAOE, which is handed out at the Water Industry Luncheon at ACE.

These Section nominees are judged on their applications by the number of positions, years of service, committees, and other types of service.  The better nominations from Sections read like resumes full of activities, conferences, and positions within the AWWA.  While the nominee is likely humble and would not want to brag about everything that they have done for the organization, this a Section’s chance to rightfully brag about what their nominee has done for the organization.  Be proud of those that give back!

A committee within the MAC takes the nominees and puts their application into a matrix, awards points based on what is known from the applications.  The more detail, the more accurate the matrix filled in, and then the better shot your nominee has.  Several Sections have provided great details about committees, conference, councils, civic service, educational training, and many other activities contributing to both AWWA and the Section.  Please make sure that your Section gets a nomination and details back to give your nominee the recognition, even though they are already a winner.


John is an excellent candidate for the JLAOE.  He has been a fixture at the annual conference, and is the first to provide a door prize, always sets up the chairs and tables, and usually moderates a couple of sessions when asked.  John has served our Section for many years.  When you think of our Section, you think of John.


Janice will be the most excellent candidate for the JLAOE.  Janice’s twenty six years serving in Section, included two terms on the MAC, with one term as the chairman.  Over those 26 years, she moderated a sessions at 20 conferences, assisted in 10 section training conferences, held the position of Treasurer with the Section, and has also sat on two councils and currently sits on an AWWA standard.  Two years ago, our Section awarded Janice the “honorary operator award” for her unbiased training to water operators across three states.   Janice not only serves the water industry, but also volunteers at an animal shelter, where she is an advisory board member for the past two years, and a volunteer for ten years.

We encourage Sections to nominate an outstanding Service Provider Member. Criteria and the nomination form are in the Awards section of the AWWA website.

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