Backflow Prevention
Backflow Prevention

About Backflow Prevention

In Chapter 7 of the Report of the Walkerton Inquiry, A Strategy for Safe Drinking Water, the Hon. Dennis O’Connor states that “as part of their comprehensive distribution system program, water providers should have active programs, working together with building inspectors and public health agencies, to detect and deter cross-contamination”. Justice O’Connor goes on to state “Infrastructure is also vulnerable to amateur cross-connections and their attendant risks of contamination”.

Many people are unaware that backflow conditions can jeopardize system water quality, posing a health risk to consumers drinking water from the system.

Keep in mind, the responsibility for establishing and administering a cross-connection control program is with the individual municipality or water purveyor (authorities). For this reason there may be differences between the types of cross connection program that different authorities may have implemented.

For information on the backflow prevention program in effect in any jurisdiction you should check with the respective municipality or supplier of water.

The following links are to municipalities that have active cross connection control programs. Please contact the municipality itself if you require more information on their program. If you have an active program and would like to establish a link please contact the OWWA at


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