Backflow Prevention
Backflow Prevention


To be qualified, a backflow prevention device tester must complete and pass the Cross Connection Control (CCC) course.

After successful course completion through an OWWA-accredited educational institution, a person’s qualification as an OWWA Certified Cross Connection Control Specialist is valid for a period not exceeding 5 years at which time they must re-certify. Re-certification courses are offered through the same educational institutions that offer the full course.

Testers should note that the date and month shown on the Certification Card is the certification expiry date and that failure to re-certify by the date shown will result in their certification number being removed from the OWWA database until such time that he/she is re-certified.  PLEASE NOTE: There is no date by which you are required to be re-certified. You should be aware however that authorities having jurisdiction may not permit you to test backflow preventers and/or carry out cross connection control surveys until such time that you have re-certified. Therefore, it is highly recommended that active testers should re-certify before their 5 year certification expiry date.

The OWWA CCC Committee has implemented a 5 year registration plan that harmonizes registration of Certified CCC testers in the OWWA database with the 5 year re-certification requirement. Your registration in the database will be for a period of 5 years, you will no longer receive an annual renewal fee. The five year registration will be implemented gradually and starts with testers that re-certified in 2012.

A certificate number followed by R12 (e.g. 07123R12) indicates that the tester was re-certified in 2012 and is registered in the OWWA database for a period of five years. Similarly, testers re-certified in subsequent years will be registered for 5 years. (Note: Testers that are certified in 2012 and subsequent years will also be registered in the database for 5 years)

In addition to the certificate, testers are issued a wallet card that has their name, certificate number, certification date, and expiry date. Municipalities, water purveyors, and the public should ensure that the person that is testing a backflow preventer is in possession of the above noted documents.

If you have any questions about the validity of a certificate please check with the OWWA office.

It is also important to note that a person who holds a current Cross Connection Control Testers Certification Certificate (or re-certification certificate) issued by OWWA is eligible for registration in other participating Canadian Sections if they move their residence. The individual must apply to the new Section they will be moving to and pay the required fees established by that Section for registering.




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