Backflow Prevention
Backflow Prevention


Personnel engaged in the installation and testing of backflow preventers are required to be adequately trained.

For the purposes of installing and repairing backflow preventers a person is required by the Trades Qualification Act of Ontario to be a journeyman plumber or a registered apprentice working under the direction of a journeyman plumber. No other trade or person is permitted to install plumbing (including backflow preventers).

Testing of backflow preventers is not regulated by the province; however, authorities having jurisdiction will generally have bylaw requirements that specify that a tester of backflow preventers must be properly trained. Additionally, authorities usually have an authorized functions list that will identify who can do what as far as testing, installing, repairing, and relocating backflow preventers. Most authorities will use a functions list that is similar to one found in the CSA B64.10 Standard. Most authorities also have some sort of registration program for testers (but programs can vary). You should check with each municipality or supplier.

The OWWA Cross Connection Control Committee  has established and maintains a program for training of testers. Training is based on requirements found in the AWWA Canadian Cross Connection Control Manual and is offered through educational institutions that have been accredited by the committee. Training is currently provided by eight colleges in Ontario and one United Association Local. The Canadian Sections of AWWA have established a standard tester’s course that specifies the minimum requirement for course duration, course content, lab facilities, examination content, and minimum achievement mark to pass.

Training Institutions in Ontario for Cross Connection Control

The following institutions have been accredited by the OWWA Cross Connection Control Committee.



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