Careers in H2O

Education Requirements

With the wide variety of job opportunities in the water industry, educational requirements run from apprenticeship programs and technical studies at community colleges to university graduate studies.

  • Many unions (such as plumbers’ unions) offer apprentice programs for the trades involved
  • Community colleges offer technical courses directly applicable to the industry
  • Universities offer engineering and science courses with applicable content at the undergraduate and graduate levels

Once employed in the water industry, new hires—as well as seasoned professionals—find many opportunities for continuing education and advanced training, provided by OWWA, the Walkerton Clean Water Centre and other qualified commercial training firms.

Career opportunities in the water industry are wide-ranging, such as

  • Municipal and consulting engineers
  • Water treatment plant operators
  • Environmental technicians
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Hydro-geologists
  • Laboratory technicians
  • University researchers
  • Government – policy development

Keep in mind that many positions in the industry do require licensing or certification, ensuring that employees are competent and qualified to perform assigned responsibilities.

Check out A Career in Water for more information.

A Career in Water “Get Wet Video Contest Winners”

To try to encourage young people to consider a ‘water career’ OWWA partnered with four other water entities (OMWA, OCWA, WCWC, and WEAO) and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to develop a “Careers in Water” website to encourage high school students to consider a career path in the water industry.

The website linked young people to four short videos about what life would be like without water, trying to raise awareness of the importance of water in everyday life. The partners then sponsored a contest from September 17th to November 17th with five $500 prizes to high school students that created the best 2 minute video on “A World Without Water”. We received 25 great videos from across the province, with several schools placing entries as part of a school project.

On December 3rd, 2012 the winners were announced.


The drinking water industry has a broad cross-section of employers including:

  • Federal government
  • Provincial government
  • Municipal governments
  • Commercial firms operating municipal water systems
  • Trade unions
  • Consulting engineers
  • Universities, colleges –research scientists, teachers, trainers
  • Equipment manufacturers and suppliers

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