Employer Township of Tiny
Application Close Date Friday, March 1, 2019
Location Township of Tiny
Date Posted February 7, 2019
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REPORTS TO: Water Supervisor



Under the supervision of the Water Supervisor, this position performs the operation, maintenance and monitoring of the municipal water systems in the Township of Tiny in accordance with Provincial Regulations and Township standards.
The Water Operator 2 performs the function of Operator-In-Charge (OIC), as defined by the Ministry of Environment.
This position is deemed to be an “Essential Service” in the event of an emergency.


1. Operate and maintain treatment systems utilizing sodium hypochlorite, polyphosphate sequestering solution and ultraviolet light disinfection (UV).
2. Inspect pump station equipment and operation. Make operational adjustments as required. Clean, maintain and repair equipment including both troubleshooting problems and general maintenance repairs.
3. Assist the Water Supervisor/Lead Hand to arrange repair or replacement of equipment when outside services are required.
4. Complete calibrations and maintenance of equipment such as on-line chlorine analyzers, UV treatment units, water meters etc.
5. Inspect, install and/or replace water piping including valves and meters within the pump station.
6. Conduct regulatory and non-regulatory water testing such as chlorine residuals, pH and turbidity.
7. Collect bacteriological and chemical samples for laboratory testing in accordance with applicable procedures and regulations.
8. Investigate, evaluate and report adverse test results or incidents as defined in Ontario Regulation 170/03 and take corrective action in accordance with regulations and Township of Tiny procedures.
9. Locate and mark watermain, services and other underground water infrastructure.
10. Perform distribution maintenance including leak detection, valve exercising, and directional flushing.
11. Respond to inquiries and complaints from customers and the general public.
12. Install, replace or repair water services, hydrants, mains and other related appurtenances as required.
13. Assist the Water Supervisor/Lead Hand in coordinating the activities of external contractors. Provide support to contractors as required.
14. Track and analyze data for compliance and to identify potential problems in operations.
15. Accompany Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Inspector during inspections of water systems, providing information about the operations and compliance of the systems.
16. Maintain accurate records and ensure compliance with all applicable regulations, the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS) and Township of Tiny procedures.
17. Provide training and instruction to Operator 1 and students. .
18. Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Graduate of College or University in an engineering or environmental program, or possess equivalent education and/or experience.
  • Valid Water Distribution and Supply Class 2 License and Water Treatment Class 1 License.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in waterworks operation and maintenance.
  • Valid Class “G” Driver’s License.
  • Knowledge of all of the applicable legislation including the Safe Drinking Water Act 2002 and regulations.
  • Ability to assess and respond to complex situations to ensure safe drinking water.
  • Strong organizational, record-keeping, and communication (written and oral) skills.
  • Self-starter, able to complete all tasks independently with minimal supervision.
  • Demonstrated ability to promote a high standard of public relations at all times.
  • Capable of handling multiple, changing priorities.


  • Normal hours or work are 40 hours per week.
  • This position is required to be on-call on a scheduled rotating basis to respond to emergencies after normal working hours including evenings, nights and weekends.
  • There will be occasions when the operator is required to work alone in isolated areas at night.
  • May be called into work, even if not on-call, in the event of an emergency or if the on-call operator is not available
  • Activities will be split between the office, pump stations and outside work.
  • Working environment contains some serious risks or discomforts, which require additional safety precautions. ie:- working in water in sub-zero weather, traffic control, trenching, pressurized water and chemicals, chemicals, confined space entry, etc.
  • This position requires some heavy lifting and lifting objects of an awkward size and shape with considerable stretching, bending, crouching and working in a cramped space.
  • Activities subject to scrutiny from external inspectors (M.O.E.C.C.) (M.O.L.).
  • Infractions of the Safe Drinking Water Act and regulations may result in fines of no more than $20,000 per day for a first offence. Second offences may lead to fines of not more than $50,000 per day and imprisonment up to one year. Personal fines may not be paid by the Municipality under regulations.
  • The Township of Tiny is subject to orders and fines of up to $100,000 per day, with escalation for repeat offences, as a result of employee work performance.


Required to work in compliance with the Ontario Health and Safety Act and regulations and all related Township policies and procedures.


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