Groundwater Committee

Welcome to the OWWA Groundwater Committee page

What We Do


  • Identify and respond to issues of interest to OWWA members related to groundwater
  • Conduct seminars to present groundwater information to OWWA members
  • Educate the membership on groundwater issues such as well design and maintenance, water quality, data management, groundwater supply and protection

We work closely with the OWWA Source Water Protection Committee, which leads with respect to tracking and reviewing initiatives related to Source Water Protection for groundwater systems.

Our Activities

The Groundwater Committee communicates with and monitors the activities of several other groups, such as:

  • AWWA Groundwater Committee
  • Children’s Water Festivals
  • AWWA Standards Council
  • MOE and MNR activities
  • International Association of Hydro-geologists
  • Ontario Groundwater Association
  • Association of Professional Geo-scientists of Ontario

Who We Are

In addition to the Chair and Vice Chair, the committee membership ideally includes a complement of at least six additional members and have representation from utilities (large and small), consultants, universities/colleges, and regulatory agencies. Subcommittees are formed as needed in response to issues that arise.

Committee Chair Simon Gautrey
Vice Chair David Kerr

Member List

 Member  Employer
Simon Gautrey Wood Consultant
David Kerr City of Kawartha Lakes Municipal
Mike Fairbanks Region of York Municipal
Lloyd Lemon WSP Consultant
John Harris International Water Supply Ltd. Contractor
Craig Stainton Ontario Groundwater Association Interest Group
Deborah Goudreau Oxford County Municipal
Kim Sayers R.V. Anderson Associates Ltd. Consultant
Boyd Pendleton Lotowater Contractor
John Easton Golder Associates Consultant
Beata Golas Durham Region Municipal
Sandra Rodriguez CIMA+ Consultant
Mezmure Haile-Meskale Formerly the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Former MOECC
Karl Belan Region of Waterloo Municipal
Jaime Boutilier CIMA+ Consultant


Our Meetings

We meet three times per year, usually in-person and by conference call if necessary.

Upcoming Events

Please check the upcoming events section of the website for event and registration details.

For More Information

If you would like to get more information or are interested in becoming a member of the Groundwater Committee, please contact us.

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