OWWA/OMWA Joint Special Executive Committee

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What We Do

Our committee was originally created when both OWWA and the Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA) were granted joint standing in Part 2 of the Walkerton Inquiry. The committee was given status as a “Special Executive Committee” so that the committee could work with legal counsel and had decision-making abilities. This was necessary in order to meet the tight response deadlines dictated by the Inquiry.

The joint structure provides a stronger voice than either association could achieve alone. It should be noted, however, that each association can (and does) undertake separate initiatives with the government.

The Joint Committee comments on any regulations affecting the water industry.

Our Activities

The OWWA/OMWA Joint Committee is responsible for preparing and making submissions to the provincial government when both associations agree that is in their best interests to do so, in such matters as:

  • Proposed legislation and regulation
  • EBR postings
  • Attending stakeholder workshops
  • Arranging appearances before standing committees of the legislature

Wherever possible, the President/Chair of each association shall be the official spokespersons.

The Joint Committee may employ legal Counsel and paid advisors where appropriate, unless otherwise advised by each association.

Who We Are

Co-Chairs Jane Bonsteel, OWWA, Rob Walton, OMWA
Committee Email

Our Members

Our membership normally consists of four members appointed by the Boards of OWWA and OMWA. Committee appointments are reviewed and updated as required. Ad Hoc members may participate in the Joint Committees activities.

Member List

Member Employer
Jane Bonsteel Peel Region
Robert Walton Oxford County


Our Meetings

We use internet, phone and teleconference contact as issues arise and submission deadlines loom – formal meetings are rarely held. Despite its “decision-making” authority, it has functioned mainly by consensus.

For More Information

If you would like more information please contact us.

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